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Family/Student Resources


Kelleys Island School has created this page to provide educational resources for students and families. We have provided links to activities and programs, with their description, in the areas of spelling, language arts, reading, math, science, technology (keyboarding and coding), physical education, art, music and health information. Resources will be added regularly.

If you have any problems accessing any of these websites or have any questions please contact me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Multiple Curriculum Areas and Grade Levels 

Fun4Brains - This website provides activities, games, quizzes in the areas of Math, Science, and English for 1st – 8th grade students. It also provides additional links to areas…”Just for Fun” and “Beyond Facts”.

Pbskids - This website provides activities, games and skill development in the curriculum areas of Science, Reading, Literacy, Math, Music, and Creativity.

RoomRecess – Room Recess is dedicated to providing children with free learning games. The games reinforce important skills that are vital to elementary students and their educational process. The goal of this website is to reinforce fundamental learning concepts in math, reading, spelling, language arts, and basic problem solving.

Starfall – Starfall website was originally created to teach reading but has expanded to other areas of the curriculum including language arts and mathematics for preschool thru 3rd grade. It emphasizes phonemic awareness, systematic sequential phonics and common sight words which includes audiovisual interactivity.

IXL Learning – The IXL Learning website is a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, including areas of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Spanish. Each curriculum areas provides hundreds of activities for skill development and reinforcement.


Hour of Code – The Hour of Code website provides many activities in every grade and skill level for students to learn how to code and program. Each activity includes an instructional video and step by step instructions on the coding process. The coding process helps in the development of critical thinking skills and problem solving.

English/Language Arts 

NewsELA- this website provides current events that are customizable for specific reading levels.  There is also an option to look at "text sets" which suggest specific news stories based on a novel study.  This is a great resource to practice reading, summarizing, and retaining non-fiction.  You can set up quizzes for students or have them answer questions at the end of reading.

Good Reads- This is a great site to use for finding independent reading books. Let's say a student loves the book The Giver By Lois Lowry.  He/she can type it into goodreads search bar and find a huge list of novels suggested based on related themes, authors, issues, etc.  This site also provides excellent plot breakdowns, suggested reading levels, popular reading book lists for certain years, reading challenges and more. The reader reviews can help provide insight as to whether or not a student may like a book.

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