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The Kelleys Island Field Station promotes and supports education by providing a distinctive learning and research environment for elementary students to adults.
Welcome to Kelleys Island Field Station!
The Kelleys Island campus is a new biological field station and research laboratory in Lake Erie, Ohio. Since XXX, scientists and students have been conducting significant research on the ecology and physical characteristics of Lake Erie and the Great Lakes region. Your experience here could be the opportunity of a lifetime.
As a way to help you acclimate to the KI Field Station, this handbook has been designed to acquaint you with the details related to “island living.” If you have questions, please contact us at XXXXXXXX.
Good luck and enjoy your classes, your research, and the entire Kelleys Island experience.

Text Books & Supplies
Textbooks and Supplies
Textbooks and supplies are not available on Kelleys Island or at Stone Lab. You must order your textbooks in advance and bring them with you.
You can order texts and supplies through the Barnes & Noble bookstore at the Ohio State University Marion website.
Items may be shipped to your home or to Kelleys Island Field Station. Items shipped to the island typically take two to three business days longer, but we encourage you to place orders at least two to three weeks prior to your class.
Texts and supplies are non-returnable unless your class is cancelled for summer term. If your class is cancelled, a full refund will be given if your merchandise is returned with a receipt. You must pay return shipping, and shipping costs are non-refundable.
Please contact Teressa Bressler at the Marion Campus Bookstore with any questions.
What to Bring
What to Bring
General Check List
Comfortable field clothes (jeans, shorts, T-shirts)
Two pairs of field shoes (comfortable shoes that can be used to walk in water, mud, etc. and that dry easily)
Extra socks
Rain gear
Jacket and/or sweaters
Sheets and pillowcase for a single twin bed
Comforter or blanket
Bath towels and bath mat
Calamine & medicines
Insect repellent
Laundry detergent
Poison ivy soap
Protective swim shoes
Thermos or travel mug
Alarm clock/radio
Paper, pens
Hand soap

Classroom Materials Limited reference books are available at the Kelleys Island Library. You are encouraged to bring your own reference materials. A list of the supplies and textbooks needed for each of your course(s) can be found on the Ohio State Marion Campus bookstore website, at, and can be purchased online from the bookstore. These supplies and textbooks MUST be purchased BEFORE your arrival at Kelleys Island. The Field Station will NOT have the texts and supplies for each class. Some basic class supplies may be purchased at the store but I would not rely on that as an option. Other field equipment is available for student use without charge.

Community Standards of Conduct Arrival, Check-in, Departure, & Maps
Getting to Kelleys Island Field Station
You will need to arrange transportation to Kelleys Island and also from the ferry dock on Kelleys Island to the Field Station. Join the Facebook- Kelleys Island Field Station to coordinate with students who will be attending classes beginning on the same date as yours if you would like to set up a carpool to the ferry dock on the mainland or share transportation from the ferry dock on Kelleys Island to the Field Station.
To get to Kelleys Island, you can take the Kelleys Island Ferry or the Jet Express Ferry. The Kelleys Island Ferry is a 20-minute trip and departs from Marblehead to the southern tip of Kelleys Island. Private vehicles may be taken to the island via this ferry, but delays are likely during tourist season (May-September). Jet Express provides 45-minute passenger-only service from Port Clinton and Sandusky to downtown Kelleys Island. You are responsible for all ground transportation to and from the Field Station from the Kelleys Island Ferry or Jet Express docks.
Arrival and departure times for workshops held at the Kelleys Island Field Station are listed below:

Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Line
510 West Main Street
Marblehead, Ohio

Jet Express
101 W. Shoreline Drive
Sandusky, Ohio 44870

Kelleys Island Field Station
528 Division St.
PO BOX 349
Kelleys Island, Ohio 43438

Marble Head Map
Kelleys Island Map
Housing & Housekeeping

Student Housing

Students will stay in one of the two rooms for male and female students. Because space and electricity are limited, do not bring unnecessary items, e.g., TV sets, refrigerators, stereos, or other similar appliances. Halogen lamps are not permitted in any housing facility.


Field Station staff cleans all public areas and restrooms. Everyone is responsible for keeping their room/cottage in reasonably clean condition and emptying wastebaskets into designated containers. Cleaning supplies are available. Students’ personal items should be picked up and stored in the lockers provided.


Linens are provided. The Field Station will have a bin with sheets, pillowcases, blankets and/or comforters, and towels. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure nothing is lost. If you need something else please as one of the field station staff. At the end of your trip staff will direct you on where to put dirty linens.


If you bring a car, you will have to pay to transport it on the ferry. If your class takes trips farther away, transportation will be provided. If you need to bring a car to Kelleys Island for some reason, it will need to be parked in the school parking lot.

Insect Invasion

Store food and beverages in sealed containers or dispose of them properly in the cafeteria.

  • Lights attract bugs, so turn off all lights before leaving a room. 
  • Leave screens in windows and doors and close doors.

The Kelleys Island School and Field Station has a strong commitment to providing a pleasant environment in the cafeteria and to keeping food service costs as reasonable as possible. Only one meal plan, with single entrees and limited seconds, is available and is required for all residents staying at the Filed Station.
The cafeteria is unable to provide special menus or accommodate dietary requests. Meals are only served during regularly scheduled times. Proper attire is required and includes shirts and shoes at all times; bathing suits and wet clothing are not permitted in the Dining Hall.
Travel mugs or water bottles are a good idea for taking drinks out of the cafeteria. Removal of dishes and utensils is prohibited.
The Library is located on the first floor of the Kelleys Island School. The collection includes materials to support courses and some additional titles related to Kelleys Island.
University Libraries in Columbus provides digital access to e-books and e-journals through the library website,
You will need your OSU Name.Number to access digital content. On the toolbar at the top of the page, select “My Account” then “Off-Campus Sign-In.”
Borrowing Materials
All library materials to be used outside of the library must be signed out. Checkout cards are available at the desk. Please record the date and the title, complete call number, volume number and copy number for each piece you check out. Materials may be recalled from you if someone else needs them. Be sure to return all library materials by the end of each class. You will be held responsible for any items checked out to you that are not returned at the end of the term, whether you keep these items yourself or loan them to someone else.
Policy Statement
The purpose of this Policy is to ensure an information technology infrastructure that promotes the basic missions of the Kelley Island School and Field Station in teaching, learning, research, and administration. In particular, this Policy aims to promote the following goals:
  • To ensure the integrity, reliability, availability, and superior performance of the Field Stations Internet and IT Services;
  • To ensure that use of the field stations Internet is consistent with the principles and values that govern use of other University facilities and services;
  • To ensure that the field station Internet is used for its intended purposes; and
  • To establish processes for addressing policy violations and sanctions for violators.
Personal Account Responsibility
Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their own Stone Laboratory Internet accounts and passwords and may not be shared with others and must be changed periodically not to exceed a yearly cycle. All field station owned/managed computers must meet or exceed the Password Requirements including complexity and password life-cycle qualities. Users are presumed to be responsible for any activity carried out under their user accounts.

Super User

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