Academic Projects

KI Turkey Bowl

To celebrate Thanksgiving the Physical Education sturdents had a turkey bowling competition.  The students used a six pound turkey breast and earned a turkey feather for each pin knocked down.  They then had to glue the feathers to the poster board turkey.  Both turkeys were filled up beautifully with feathers and everyone had a "gpbbling good time!!" 




6th and 7th Grade Reading and Language Arts Project


The 6th and 7th graders completed their novel study of The Wild Robot  book by creating a Roz the Robot model and a Character Study Poster Project.  They are creative, colorful and a unique approach to share what they had learned.



Music Performace by the Kelleys Island students for the GLIA Conference

Kelleys Island School hosted the lunch for GLIA, the Great Lakes Island Alliance, for their multi-island tour. 
The Kelleys Island students were invited to perform for the 100+ attendees. 
Great job students!



Understanding Elements of Physical Geography and Elements of Human Geography

Our sixth grade student created a 3D Model displaying 15 different landforms and then answered questions about a hypothetical civilization that would  be located in the modeled region.  The main focus was the intersection of elements of physcial geography and elements of human geography.



The Start of the New School Year
Have a great year!